YUNGBLUD Reveals Major Typo In First Batch Of 'Ritalin Club' Graphic Novels

8th Annual Guild of Music Supervisors Awards

8th Annual Guild of Music Supervisors Awards

YUNGBLUD recently released the first edition of his graphic novel Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club, and while they're flying off the shelves (there's only 1,000 copies left!) the English rocker found a pretty glaring typo right on the book's spine. Apparently, the published spelled his name "Youngblood." DOH!

The 22-year-old pointed out the mistake in a Twitter video, while also thanking fans for buying them up.

“The first batch is almost sold out so we have to place another order which is f**king mental,” he exclaims in the post. “However, look what I just noticed. They spelled my f**king name wrong. So I think there’s like a thousand left of my name spelled wrong. So if you wanna f**king get ’em and take a piss out at me for being a twat and spelling my name wrong, do it cuz there’s like a thousand left of ’em.”

A fan shared a photo of the typo on Instagram, which you can see below.

Aside from the graphic novel, YUNGBLUD also recently released his Hope For The Underrated Youth EP, which features a song with Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds. You can buy both the album and the graphic novel through the singer's official store.

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