Adele Pauses Concert To Pay Tribute To Audience Member's Late Wife

Photo: Getty Images

Adele had to pause her performance during a show at her Las Vegas residency on Friday to pay tribute to the late wife of a fan in the audience, who had shown the singer a picture of his deceased spouse on his phone. A video posted by the Adele Access Tik Tok account showed the interaction in its entirety, starting with her walk through the crowd while playing 'When We Were Young' where the encounter actually took place.

Later, during 'Someone Like You' Adele paused to say "This is for you, sir, who's showing me a photo of his wife on his phone." Following the song she paused the show and held back tears while explaining the situation to the audience. "When I walk through the crowd, I wish you could see what I could see." She continued "There was a man. He's just there — can you see him holding his phone up? "I think that's his wife on his phone, and I don't think she's here, and it just really moved me."

The moment came during the same performance where she confirmed her plans to attend the Grammys after rumors had swirled that she would skip this year's edition. She took aim at the rumors saying "Man, whoever started that rumor is a d***head! I am going to the Grammys. I would never miss the Grammys".

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