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#TRENDING 2/26/24: Taylor Has Banned Travis from Strip Clubs

Taylor Has Banned Travis from Strip Clubs, and Spent Half a Million Dollars to Retool His Wardrobe


Relationships are a give-and-take. And it'll be interesting to see if Travis Kelce is cool with what Taylor Swift is taking from HIM. Because it reportedly includes his ability to visit STRIP CLUBS.


According to the not-always-reliable British tabloids, Taylor has banned Travis from visiting nudie bars . . . after seeing him wearing a T-shirt from the Crazy Horse 3 in Vegas after a game against the Raiders earlier this year.


She also wants him to Facetime her instead of texting when they're apart, because, quote, "she secretly wants to see where he is and who he's with."


Taylor is also changing Travis' look. She supposedly gave him $500,000 to "step up" his wardrobe. A source says, quote, "She loves that he likes to take chances with his style choices, but some of his outfits have been suspect."


FYI, Taylor isn't trying to CHANGE Travis . . . she's just helping him EVOLVE to meet his new level of fame.


Travis was just in Australia to catch Taylor on tour . . . but he was back in Vegas on Saturday, partying HARD with Patrick Mahomes at a club.


(Check out this interview from 2016, where Travis was asked to play Kiss, Marry, Kill with Taylor, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. He chose to kill Ariana, kiss Taylor, and marry Katy.)

Originally posted on February 26th, 2024

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